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America Speaks Podcast

Apr 5, 2020

 Brooke Luciano and Jeff McKeever own and operate UltraRed Light, a health and wellness company in Newport Beach, California. They utilize FDA approved PBT, the power of light energy and frequencies, to empower their clients to alleviate pain and achieve optimal health and well being. They have both battled through life-altering spinal injuries and chronic pain, and recovered using their specialized LightMD PBM, so they come with an empathetic and compassionate understanding of pain. 

     UltraRed Light gives Brooke and Jeff the opportunity to share the light with their extended community and gives both humans and animals an alternative therapeutic modality that doesn’t require prescription drugs or surgery to feel better. Their combined 18+ years experience is unmatched in this emerging industry, which gives them incredible insight and experience in the many capabilities of light therapy as a tool to speed up the body and brain’s natural healing process.    

     Their passion and mission to share light with the world has helped them to ignite the desire in people to want to help others. Many of their own clients become LightMD device owners and now are able to share light with their own family and communities. Brooke and Jeff enjoy teaching others the benefits of adding LightMD to their practice or how to start their own business using Light. The more people and businesses that offer Light as a safe and highly effective therapeutic modality, the better, so that we can collectively heal as a society. 

They are so excited to share their experience with you all today. Thank you for listening and joining us.