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America Speaks Podcast

May 5, 2019

I think we all can agree after listening to both conversations with carol walker that we as citizens can not allow these ongoing round ups, the tragic separation of these devoted wild horse families within these herds, the barbaric sterilization and the eventual disappearance of the species... this is simply not acceptable.  Contact the BLM (Bureau of Land Management.) Demand a new way of managing remaining wild horse herds. Wild horses have as much a right to live and breed on our open lands throughout our vast western states as any other herd, esp since they are now endangered. Our goal should be to protect America’s wild horses and burros by stopping the federal government’s systematic elimination of these national icons from our public lands. The government can't just continue removing wild animals from the land and warehousing them at an escalating expense, which it has done now for decades. The herds in Nevada and Wyoming are still there but not for long and please go to carol walkers website , and spend some time with her amazing photography. Carol is a remarkable artist, and has captured the spirit of our wild horses