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America Speaks Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

The BLM rounded up 11,472 wild horses and burros in 2018 and permanently removed them from our public lands. This is almost 3x more than they removed in 2017 and more than they have rounded up and removed in almost a decade. Now with the holding facilities and off-Range corrals full the BLM is desperate to empty these out so they can round up and remove more wild horses and burros this year.The BLM just wants to get rid of the wild horses and burros and doesn’t really care if they end up at slaughter, just so long as they are removed from our public lands and from the holding facilities.

In the wild, these horses had been healthy, disease free, and capable of carrying their foals to term. This private holding facility is a house of horrors, a deadly prison for wild horses. Instead of caring for the wild horses, as they are paid to do, they are killing them and covering it up. This facility should be shut down immediately and should never house our precious wild horses again. This is the ugliest truth, that the BLM does not want you to know.

What can you do to help? Spread the word and Contact your Senators and Representatives.